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Count the unique duplicates
>>> 0

Make a program that filters a list of strings and returns a list with only your friends name in it.
If a name has exactly 4 letters in it, you can be sure that it has to be a friend of yours!
Otherwise, you can be sure he's not...
Ex: Input = ["Ryan", "Kieran", "Jason", "Yous"], Output = ["Ryan", "Yous"] 
Note: keep the original order of the names in the output
>>> ['Ryan', 'Yous']

Given a set of numbers, return the additive inverse of each.
Each positive becomes negatives, and the negatives become positives.
invert([1,2,3,4,5]) == [-1,-2,-3,-4,-5]
invert([1,-2,3,-4,5]) == [-1,2,-3,4,-5]
invert([]) == []
>>> [-1, 2, -3, 4, -5]

The new "Avengers" movie has just been released!
There are a lot of people at the cinema box office standing in a huge line. 
Each of them has a single 100, 50 or 25 dollars bill. An "Avengers" ticket costs 25 dollars.
>>> None

Given a string, you have to return a string in which each character (case-sensitive) is repeated once
aalllloohhaa,,  WWoorrlldd!!!!1122
Our task is to find the minimum sum which is obtained from summing each Two integers product.
>>> 587