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It's time for breakfast:
Start the day with nimbu paani:
Take one slice of lemon; squeeze it into a glass; pour water into it; add some salt and sugar.
Stir the mix for one minute; drop some ice cube.
Draw a roaster and place it on the table.
Now prepare the egg:
Crack an egg on the pot.
Chop some onion, garlic, chili and coriander.
Add the chopped things on the pot. Add some milk and butter.
Now beat it.
Light on the stove and place the frying pan on it.
Add some oil over the hot pan.
Pour the mixture on the pan and leave it there for 2 minutes.
Two minutes later place it on a plate and don't forget to add salt.
Now make the parathas:
Take half tea cup of flour, one spoon of butter, one cup of hot water, a pinch of salt and mix them to prepare dough.
Cut  the dough into three equal pieces, prepare three equal sizes of chapati by pressing and rolling with a rondelle.
Put the frying pan on stove;lit the stove;spread some oil/ghee and fry the chapattis one by one.
Place the parathas on a plate and mop up the oil with a tissue.
Now serve the tea:
Take a tea bag; place it on a cup.
Add hot water, milk and sugar.
Voila, your perfect tea.
Hope you enjoy the breakfast.