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  Virtual Resto!
Good morning.
To kick start your day we are offering:
 lemonade(1 glass),  rumali roti(2 pieces),  dal bhuna(1 cup), vegetable stew(1 cup) and  chaï( 1 cup).
 The Breakfast package costs Tk 50.
Hope you like our breakfast.
Thank you for choosing us.
Good afternoon.
Our lunch menu for one can easily satisfy two people and we are offering:
 coke(1 glass), shorshe shak(1 plate), rice (2 plates),  lentil soup(1 cup), shol fish dopeyaja(1 cup) and  kheer( 1 cup).
 The lunch package costs Tk 90.
Thank you for choosing us.
Good evening.
We have the best dinner menu in the town and we are offering:
 borhani(1 glass), moglaï parota(1 piece),salad(1 plate) and  mishti doï( 1 cup).
 The dinner package costs Tk 50.
Bon appétit.
Thank you for choosing us.