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Card shuffling and dealing program using structures

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 Four of Hearts    Eight of Clubs      Jack of Clubs      Five of Hearts  
 Jack of Diamonds   King of Hearts    Seven of Clubs     Eight of Diamonds
 Five of Spades    Three of Clubs      Nine of Spades      Six of Clubs   
 Five of Diamonds   Nine of Clubs       Ten of Diamonds   Jack of Spades  
  Six of Diamonds  Three of Diamonds  Queen of Clubs     Queen of Spades  
 Four of Diamonds  Deuce of Clubs      Jack of Hearts     Nine of Hearts  
 King of Diamonds    Ten of Spades    Queen of Hearts     Five of Clubs   
  Ace of Clubs     Deuce of Diamonds  Eight of Spades      Ace of Hearts  
Eight of Hearts      Ace of Spades    Three of Hearts      Six of Spades  
 King of Clubs     Seven of Hearts     King of Spades    Seven of Diamonds
Deuce of Hearts      Six of Hearts     Four of Spades      Ace of Diamonds
Deuce of Spades    Queen of Diamonds  Three of Spades      Ten of Hearts  
 Four of Clubs     Seven of Spades     Nine of Diamonds    Ten of Clubs