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Faq and troubleshooting

These are common problems noticed so far:
  • In Java's case it is mandatory to have class Rextester (note no access modifier) as an entry point for your code. There is simillar requirement in C#, but Java folks seem to miss this much more frequently.
  • If your code waits for input from stdin (keyboard) you have to supply it all at once in the input text-area (which shows up after you click '+' sign at the bottom). The whole input should be supplied before running code - at runtime it will be piped to the stdin stream of the process.
  • Codewall - put there code snippets you want to find later easily. For example, google for 'rebuild indexes rextester' to get Sql Server's script to rebuild all indexes.
    Personal code walls - put anything you like there. Nice and encouraged usage would be to put tutorials there as in C# tutorial.
  • If you have any questions - ask using this google group.


Codemirror shortcuts

  • Run snippet: 'F8' or 'F5' while cursor is in the editor.
  • Full-screen mode: 'F11' while cursor is in the editor. 'Esc' to exit or 'F8' to exit and run.